The Blog Binary Book &Toilet.


Years ago, in Africa I titled it, A Plate In a Bookshelf… before a gnostic trip on the esoteric could become a headache, before black consciousness was hard work and turmoil, just whenthe beginning finished off as my moment of clarity. So I’d no TV but a bookshelf empty, incosistent as I expect, I placed a plate of organic vegetable and herbs in this glass bookshelf, tried to listen to radio but bumped Peter Tosh louder, don’t throw stones from a glass house and weeped to Tracy Chapman until sometime I thought i felt inlove. The Hip Hop no joke confronted the scary music, streets moved me trying to move through though softly, better yet smoothly if the rehab suggestions would stop.

Wound up here trying to snap out the voices that came to disturb me. Things I saw that not many wouldn’t believe, or understand my parables. So while I got over the last weed smoke maybe it was cut from some mental cabinet or chess game, or maybe it bated the ghetto me not to regret stupidity, shame. Grudgingly moving along to still criticize after a self tutoring philosophies moving back and forth arguments banging my head against a wall, one step forward, two steps backwards on a twenty four hour day, seven day week. When the programme fits the shoe and I have one day to rest holding a meme advising discomfort, better yet if i created it, my messy website is this… directed over your head… Maybe loyal to a fault if by God.

Wound up here on the other six days taking eight hours weekly asleep on specials for something with like another eight hours to get life sorted out and a last eight hours whereby work they say, i think, i think you should think too. These thoughts mostly on awake to the news
from space, whether Star Trek vs Star Wars or choosing between StarCraft and WarCraft days, daze i’m thanks to the internet we can try to bring peace upon the universe. Amongst other parts of keeping up and catching on to an attracting  series that play out referred where that preferred includes time for Anime like mangas daily, also maybe the latest recent chosen. Practicing these reviews on emojis and memes, video clip to GIF practice maybe web buttons to use for brain storms that avoid copying used ideas.

Motivating for a movie a day more than a movie day whether animation i can stand romance and drama maybe one day a director following on dc, marvel comics, vertigo, dark horse and a book in the toilet. While there is big sports going on anyday, commentators to music living Hip Hop liking beats. From Pc Games to Retro arcade or Tv game. Challenges like searching on youtube for rap battles, or keeping with the apps, I blog check trends too or get high on quotes.

Somehow the bookshelf turned into a fridge that keeps a hard drive and books and i’m not sure whether the idea i’m on should be Toilet Book or Book Toilet, thank you for visiting my pager… peace out enjoy what’s out there.